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Improve Your Drive - Get From Tee To The Flag In Fewer Strokes!

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur golfers make when starting is that they swing the club harder when they want to go further. The drive is about control, timing and accuracy. Calgary Riverside Golf Centre features a large indoor golfing facility that provides a wide array of programs to help improve your short game and your score cards!

Knock Off Up To 5 Strokes In Only One Year!

According to the PGA Tour, 7 out of 10 golf shots are taken within 100 yards. Let us help you improve your short game and lower your score in our large indoor golf facility with some of the most effective golf lessons Calgary has to offer.

Our Lessons Are Tailored To Your Experience - Beginners And Intermediates Alike Will Benefit

Whether you're brand new to the game of golf or a practised golfer looking to improve your skills, the golf lessons offered at Riverside Golf Centre will help you achieve your goals. You'll gain new skills while learning to enjoy the game.

Learn To Love The Game Without The Frustration

If you are not finding any enjoyment in the game of golf it's likely because you're not playing it right! Many of our students find a hidden passion for the game when they develop the skills they need to succeed.

C.P.G.A. Golf Professionals

Rob McLeay, Glenn Boswell, Bill Dreger, Garett Jenkinson and Len White are skilled instructors with over 60 years of training experience. They have worked with everyone from the experienced to the novice and would be happy to assist you.


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